Second blank document window persists after leaving split view, with single document bar all the way across both windows

Whether exiting horizontal or vertical split view, a window area persists on the right side after closing. Only the left window side has a scroll bar, and the document bar of the left window spans the entire width of both windows. Nothing displays in the right side window.

If the Inspector window is drug to the left, the right window area diminishes in size until it is gone form view when the inspector reaches the scroll bar of the left window.

Also, when in split view, the scroll bars in both windows have a space between them and the right edge of the window, as if a margin was set between them. Both margins diminish until they are gone as the inspector is drug to the left. That may be what is happening in single document view as well, only them, the gap is much larger with only one document window open.


Could you please upload a screenshot to demonstrate the issue you are talking about?