Second paragraph loses indent


I’m having a strange problem. When I compile my book for Kindle ebook format I lose the first line indent in the second paragraph of every chapter. From the third paragraph onwards the first line indent is back as it should be.

I have created and applied my own formatting presets in order to do this. A bit like paragraph styles in Indesign.

Any clues/workarounds anybody?


So this only happens with the Mobi format? If you compile as PDF you get a different result?

It kind of sounds like you are describing one of the compile options, in the Formatting compile pane, under the “Options” button in the top-right, that will strip out the first paragraph’s indent. Does toggling that off (assuming it is on) make a difference? It shouldn’t be touching the second paragraph, but we might as well rule that out.


Thanks for the response. I did sort of solve it in a similar way that you describe. I went into options and basically turned everything off. That seemed to do the trick.