Second paragraph will not indent when compiled

The attached image shows the difference between what I’m writing in the Editor and how it compiles. I’m using Scrivener 2.8.1. I’ve already published one book using 2.8.1, that had some problems but indentation wasn’t one of them.

Another project (I’ll call it project 2) is in progress and it does not have indentation issues. The first paragraph is at the left margin, the second and subsequent paragraphs indent as they should. The weird thing is, I used the same preset for project number 3 as I did for project number 2; all I did was change the page size and margins. Everything else as far as I can see is identical in Formatting and Page Setup.

I’ve spent hours trying to fix this in Project 3. If anyone could help me, I would be so thankful. :smiley:

Maybe it´s can help you.

Strange. Is it possible to zip up and attach a sample project showing the issue to your reply (using the “Attachments” tab beneath the reply text box)?