Second sale, and something very squeeworthy

I made this sale months ago, but Real Life kept happening, and I never got around to posting about it: Are You There? Are You Safe? Is the Flock Safe?

And Cat Rambo commented on the story on DSF’s FaceBook page. Cat. Freaking. Rambo. She said, “This story made me cry. Well done.”

Even with everything that was going wrong at the time, I’m pretty sure I squeed. And no, I don’t know her; never met her. She just saw my story and liked it.

That validation came at a very important time, too, when pretty much nothing else was going right for me, or, as I put it, my life kind of exploded. A lot. To the point at which I missed out on some great opportunities, and am just now back to writing again. With or without Cat’s encouragement, I’d have gotten back to it, and I have some amazingly-supportive writer friends who have helped me regain my footing, but thanks to Cat, I know exactly what to say to that little discouraging voice in the back of my head now when it tries to shut me down. “Screw you, discouraging voice. I made Cat Rambo cry.”