secondary categorization


I would like a secondary means of categorizing my scenes on the corkboard.

For instance, lets say I assign Joe the thumbtack color blue. Now, I want to distinguish among the various people with whom Joe interacts in a scene, or the location of that scene. I’d like to do something like add a second thumbtack on the corkboard, so that I know instantly the subcategory of that scene.

Thanks for great software!

You have two options:

  1. You can use Status for this (remeber that via Edit Labels & Status you can change the name of “status” to something else, and have it appear as a stamp over index cards).

  2. Use keywords for further tagging.

This is exactly what status and keywords are for. :slight_smile:

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Okay, but for those of use filmmakers in your budding customer base, since we are so very visual, would it be possible to shade the cards according to the “Status”? Or, to assign different shades to each different status?

Status don’t have an associated colour, and I think this could be potentially be very confusing, having two different colours associated with each document. You can display the status as a diagonal stamp across the index cards (opt-cmd-S) instead, of course.
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i’m currently working on a screenplay where each scene can fall into one or more of four categories (throughlines). having the ability to assign more than one color thumbtack - or label - to each index card would be very helpful. when using physical index cards, i often either use different color markers or color stickers to help categorize scenes.

edit: [another option is simply to have the ability to change the color of the index cards…]

anyways, scrivener is a great software and i can only hope you find reason to continue developing it in many directions.

best of luck

Thanks for the kind words. Multiple colours on index cards is beyond the current scope of development, I’m afraid. It comes under the heading “radical changes”, which is the sort of thing I will consider in a year or so when I come to look at the sorts of things that should go into 2.0. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Looking forward to future developments. For the past month, I’ve used Scrivener on a daily basis, spending hours working on the dramatic structure of my script. You’ve developed a tool I can’t imagine living without. Thank you!

Likewise, I am finding Scrivener indispensible. Once again, thank you for creating such a comprehensive and intuitive writing tool.

I didn’t realize this would be a radical change. Hey, it’s a “wish list” not a “complaint list.” I’ve no complaints.



Exactly - and wishes are not read as comlaints, don’t worry. :slight_smile: It’s the sort of thing that can seem minor on first suggestion, but it’s major in terms of the work involved - consider how labels are used throughout the app: as pins, as a column in the outliner, as a drop down menu in the inspector. Should there be more menus in the inspector? Should multiple colours appear as multple pins on the corkboard, or as little tabs? In what order would they appear? Should pop-up buttons be created dynamically in the inspector depending on how many meta-data types you have defined? How would the inspector deal with the increased space required to hold these extra buttons? What would the limit be? What if you could create 100 such extra labels - how would the corkboard deal with that?

So, you see, whilst the idea is not a bad one, it is one that requires a lot of extra thought, and then probably a lot of coding work, which is why it falls under my “for consideration for 2.0” list, which is my list of stuff that could potentially involve a lot of work and requires a good block of development time. Anything on this list isn’t guaranteed to get implemented, mind - I just guarantee to give it further thought when the time comes.

Hope that makes sense and that you understand. :slight_smile: Smaller wishes tend to get implemented earlier (if I like them!).

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In other words …

When you wish on literature and latte,
No request goes down the potty.


You can use that. :smiley:

My $.02:

I would second, third, fourth, &c this idea. When scenes have to work so hard and do so much, it’s nice to see how hard they’re working. I’d love to be able to stick four “pins” on some of my cards. (and the ability to stick them on vertically would be nice, too)

So this idea definitely gets my vote.