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How about Opt-Click in the Binder to open up a document in the other split, and if there is no split currently set up, create one according to the last split type used, opening the Opt-Clicked file within it.

Opt-click has a special meaning in outline views, so I can’t use alt-click. I came across this problem with the way I was using Alt-click before. This is because Alt-clicking on a disclosure arrow either collapses or expands the item and all its children - getting the alt-key to play differently elsewhere in the field can be very glitch. I like the idea, it just might be hard to implement - it would mean overriding the way Cocoa outlne views work, too, as any click causes a selection normally.

Ah, I see how that would be difficult with the “click means selection no matter what” bit. Even middle click? I know not everyone has one of those, but a vast majority have either a wheel mouse or a mighty mouse. I suggest it because I just tried middle-clicking, and nothing happened.

What’s the keyboard modifier for middle click? I know right click is emulated by Ctrl click, but is there an analagous modifier to emulate middle click?

(I still find mself missing Acorn’s RISC OS and the three button mouse that used - left was select, right was adjust, middle was menu. Joy)

There is no modifier that I am aware of. It is kind of the unofficial mouse button of the world, outside of various fringe things like RISC and Linux. :slight_smile: That said, some Apple programs do make use of it, Safari for example. Firefox uses it to close tabs, and to open links in a tab, too.

Too bad this sounds difficult to implement as a keyboard shortcut. As someone who relies heavily on split views and frequent navigation in Scrivener, this would be a very helpful feature/shortcut.

In firefox & Camino, I use CMD-click to open a new tab.

Yes, that works too, but I do not think that means it emulates a middle click. I think it is just an additional way to open tabs. Cmd-Clicking on a tab in Firefox, for instance, does not close it like middle-clicking does.

This is not a bad idea, and in fact, the code to open a given document in the opposite split, opening the split if necessary, is already built in to Scrivener (it is used by Scrivener links and references, for instance).

And I could probably quite easily prevent selection upon a certain combination.

The problem is only its implementation - which key?

Ctrl-click can’t be used, because that selects and opens up the contextual menu.

Alt-click can’t be used, because that is used to expand/collapse all children when clicking on an arrow, and it causes problems if you try to use it differently.

Shift-click and cmd-click can’t be used, because they are used to select multiple.

All of the above are defined by Apple, and I don’t really want to intercept them and start playing with their behaviour to implement, for instance, shift-cmd-click or some other, as that is bound to cause problems.

I can just use a random key+click, because if you are in a text view, that will just cause typing.

…And that pretty much covers the modifier keys that can be used. So if anybody has any other ideas about how to accomplish this, please do post. It is only a viable solution that is missing. :slight_smile:


So it would cause problems to use a multiple key approach? Like cmd/option/shift click, which would be similar to the key combination to work with split view now, such as cmd/option/shift A, etc. Why would it cause problems if you are using all three keys?


Because all of these keys are part of the internal wiring of the outline view - that is, Cocoa code that Apple have written. They affect several different internal mechanisms: control calls a piece of code that opens up the contextual menu, command and select call code that change the selection, and alt calls code that affects how a disclosure triangle works. Apple really only make available to us Cocoa coders the code for each of these actions, so that we can change them individually. To override how they work in combination, however, I would have to start hacking away at undocumented code controlling what happens when you click in an outline view. It’s just not great to do that when it can affect so many things…

[quote="KB"To override how they work in combination, however, I would have to start hacking away at undocumented code controlling what happens when you click in an outline view. It’s just not great to do that when it can affect so many things…[/quote]

No, definitely not a good idea. Oh, well, it does seem such a neat idea to have a quick way to access a split pane view for a second document. That was my only ‘bright idea’ for it. Hope someone can think of something that might actually work without a lot of effort, or hacking, on your part!