Section Layout: Uppercase words starting a new section

I can’t get this to work. I’m using Mac 2.3.1 on Snow Leopard. I’ve got “Overwrite text and notes formatting checked” and my titles and chapter headings are coming out exactly as specified on the Formatting Pane, with the correct Title Prefix, and the correct number of Page Padding lines - so I know that my Section Layout settings are working. Remove First Para indent on New Pages is also working.

None of my folders or text files in the binder are flagged “Compile as-is”, so I know it’s not that.
I am compiling to Print. Everything respects my Section Layout settings EXCEPT the uppercase words.

Anyone know what I’m missing? Scrivener is so flexible that experience has taught me that there is always some option or flag I need to set. :slight_smile:

This should be functional even without override formatting turned on, since this is a letter case option rather than a formatting option. Are you certain you have the first words option added to the type of element that is generating the text? For example, your folders may be the thing cutting to a new page break and spitting out a chapter title, but it may be the text file that follows that folder—it’s first child document—that has the text that needs to be uppercased. Thus, it would be the appropriate text icon in the Formatting pane that needs the first words setting, not the folder.