Section Layout

Im trying to configure section layout.
Im setting the prefix Chapter <$n>.
and suffix SubChapter <$n>.

When I compile there is no way to see this lines.


I’m sorry, could you clarify exactly what you have done in the Formatting compile option pane, and what compile settings you are using—for instance what format you are compiling to? The description you provide here is a little confusing, because a prefix would come before the name in the binder, and the suffix after. Thus, if you had a folder named “Exotic Pigments”, with your proposed settings, you would get a title like, “Chapter 1 Exotic Pigments SubChapter 2”. Is that really what you want?

I got it, had to deselect As-Is on Contents.
Tags were just a try to see some changes after compiling.

Ah yes, that will disable any of the functions in the Formatting pane. So it is useful when you have odd things like title pages that shouldn’t follow the normal rules. Glad you got it sorted.