<$> section layout

where can I find a section layout list of available variables?
I found on the net only a couple like title and w.

I would like to include the Title of an upper level (ie. in Dir1/dir2/page I would like to call the Dir1 Title inside dir2).


Look under the Help menu to get a pop-up window with all of the placeholder tags (or whatever they’re being called these days). You can do CMD-F searches through that window, and select & copy (CMD-C) the text within as well. I know there’s a “parent title” variable in there.

Yes, that would be <$parenttitle> or <$parenttitle_no_spaces> if you need it for some technical purpose. It is not possible to extract information from the grandparent level or any higher though, so factor that into your outline design if you need these, or make use of the hyperlinked form of a placeholder. Basically if you add a Scrivener Link on top of a placeholder, it will use the linked items data instead of the document the placeholder is found within. You can either use <$title> with a direct link to that item, or add a link to <$parenttitle> pointing to the parent item, thus getting that item’s parent item, or this item’s grandparent. Of course the limitation here is that you need rich text for the hyperlink, so this trick doesn’t work in the Prefix/Suffix title fields and such.