Section Layouts Not Constant?

I’m still experiencing some confusion in the compile formats department.

Today I realized that a particular format may be different depending on which of My Formats I select. For example, for these two formats, the “Front/Back No Heading” format is assigned to the New Page section format. However, you can see that the New Page section format is different for those two “My Formats.”

I would like the New Page section format to always be the same. Or something.

Can you help me understand?


And while I’m being confused …

When I change the output format, things changes as well. I choose MOBI and everything is fine, choose KF8/MOBI, and the font and indenting changes (with not space between paragraphs).

Why is that?

For the first part, yes, your section layouts are going to be different depending on the format you choose, since section layouts are part of the format. So formats have different section layouts - this is the whole way formats work. You (or we) create a Compile Format that contains a number of section layouts that can be used with any number of different projects. You then use “Assign Section Layouts” to tell Scrivener which Section Layouts in the format to use for that project. So if you want to change things, you’ll need to change the section layout assignments.

For the second part, KF8/Mobi and Epub 3 use styles and CSS to determine their formatting, so are quite different from other formats. This results in a much cleaner ebook internally, but you can use the older formats if you find them easier.