Section layouts not saved

When I change the formatting of a section layout, or when I assign section layouts to sections, then the changes are not saved when Scrivener is closed. So as long as I don’t close scrivener I can compile documents with the changed layouts, but when I close the application I have to make all the changes again.
I have tried to export the layouts and import them after a restart, but importing doesn’t seem to work either (or the changes are not exported correctly).

Can you please specify in more details the properties that are not saved for you and exactly the steps/buttons you press in Scrivener. Saving the section layouts import/export is working fine in my tests.

If you close the Compile dialog using the “X” top right window icon, Scrivener Beta 16 reverts your compile settings to the ones before opening the dialog. It behaves as if clicking Alt + Reset button. This bug has been fixed and will be available in the next update. In Beta 16, please use only the dialog buttons at the bottom and not the “X” window icon to close the Compile window.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tested again and this is what happens:

  1. Go to compile
  2. Edit format
  3. Change formatting of a section layout
  4. Click save
  5. The Section Layouts section shows the new formatting
  6. Compile document
  7. The compile window closes, the compiled document shows the new formatting
  8. Close Scrivener
  9. Open Scrivener, go to compile
  10. The Section Layouts section shows the old formatting of the section layout which was changed before.

I don’t click on the X close buttons in this scenario.

Hi griansun,

I just followed the steps you laid out and did not reproduce the same behaviour. Could you perhaps be more specific in what changes you are making that are failing to save? Perhaps it is dependant on which layouts are altered, or in what way.

Thanks for your help in this.

I wonder if this is not the problem, in another thread, where what is not saved when you quit Scrivener is the assignment of Section Layouts to Section Types. In my experience, any thing I have saved in terms of formatting the various Section Layouts, etc, has saved, but every time I have re-opened Win-Scriv, I have had to make the assignments anew.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to test this at the moment … won’t be until towards the end of next week, but that was definitely the case the last time I was working on a Compile Format for my collaborator.



I’ve installed Scrivener on another computer with the same OS and there is works correctly.
So I’m happy I can continue with my writing project, but I have no idea what causes the problem on my other computer.