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I was wondering if you can help me with this:
Why I see two lines above and below the title chapter, and why I not see that on the editor?
And why Chapter (Bordered heading) is not marked check under the Title column? I always thought in order to show the titles should be cheked.

Big thanks in advance


1a. The compile editor acts as a guide: there are some attributes it can’t display, such as the lines you mention.

1b. You are using a bordered heading style. If you don’t want that style, (1) put your cursor in the heading, (2) click on the styles dropdown selector, and (3) change it to No Style or apply the style you want to use.

  1. The title is not being created from your binder text, it is – coincidentally in terms of similar names – being generated by the prefix text in the Title Options. You can see this because your binder folders use numerals, for example “Capítulo 1”, whereas the compiled text uses words, for example “CAPÍTULO UNO”. To change this, (1) select Title Options and (2) make any changes (edits or deletions) that you want to make in the prefix / suffix options.

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