[Section][] links give (??) for MultiMarkdown to LaTex

In the Sample MultiMarkdown Document, I’ve noticed that text like

    You can link directly to the [Introduction][], for instance.  

turns into

    You can link directly to the Introduction (??), for instance.

Other features seem to be working, so I suspect this is some sort of a bug. I don’t know enough TeX to know if it is a problem in the generation or if something is up with MacTex.

Can anyone explain what conditions need to hold for the ?? to be replaced with something more useful like a hyperlink into the appropriate section of the tex document?

EDIT: Here is what the Untitled.tex document seems to be doing. Up in the Introduction section I see:


and later on there is

You can link directly to the Introduction (\autoref{introduction}), for instance. 

I’m guessing autoref should somehow cause a hyperlink to be added but I know next to nothing about TeX. Is autoref something built into LaTeX or is it some kind of macro provided by MultiMarkdown?

Most LaTeX documents need to be processed a few times before they are “complete.” The first pass finds references, and subsequent passes link them properly, ensure the page numbers are correct, etc.

Run pdflatex 3-4 times or your document. Better yet, run latexmk.pl (available on the net) or my MMDLaTeX engine for TeXShop - these ensure that the pdf is finished.

I suspect that’s the problem you’re having.

Ok, what I was doing was just running “open” on the .tex document (which launches TexShop now that I have MacTex installed) and then just hitting Pretzel-T to typeset the document.

I’ll try what you suggest.

If you use my TeXShop engine (available on my website), that’s fine. But you need to process a couple of times to complete the pdf.

You can do something similar by hitting “Pretzel-T” four or five times.

Excellent! Hitting Pretzel-T a few times fixed the problem!

Thanks again!