Section Separators

I apologize if this is an obvious question, but I’ve searched the forum and I’m still confused about how best to use a separator, either a centered line or a triple asterisk, to mark section breaks within chapters of my larger text. These breaks would apply only to some, not all, of the various sections in my Scrivener binder.

Grateful for any pointers…

Scrivener has a feature, the Separators compile option pane, that can help you insert breaks like this into predictable spots in the outline. This feature works best if you have a predictable outline with repeating patterns—such as a list of folders with files inside of them, each file representing a scene. In that case, we can assume that wherever two text files are adjacent, a scene break should be inserted.

So of course that doesn’t work if your outline is unpredictable, or if you only want a few breaks here and there. I’m not sure if that is what you meant by your last line, but in cases Separators cannot be reliable, one just types them in themselves. That’s going to be the case for anyone that prefers to write chapter-length files, too.

The method that I use myself, in cases where Separators cannot be employed, is described in this thread, along with a sample project.

Thanks for your response! I’ll probably end up just manually inserting the separators myself, I just thought there might be a more “built-in” way of doing it…