Section Type > Default Subdocument Type

I am not sure if this is misunderstanding what I read in user manual, a user error, or a glitch.

This is what the manual says:

I have a folder with section type Chapter. I right click folder in binder and set Section Type > Default Subdocument Type to Scene. But when I make a document inside the folder, its section type is set to Structure-Based.

Should this happen?

I know this is old, but since I’m here… Yes, all files are set to Structure-Based by default. This means that if you have your default subdocument types set up well in project settings, you’ll only have to manually apply a section type to files that are the exception to those defaults. It can save you a lot of time, and means that if you later adjust the defaults, everything marked structure-based is automatically updated. Anything you changed manually will not be. HTH!