Section Types

Is there an index of what the different Section Types look like? I have three PARTS to my novel and want PART ONE, PART TWO, and PART THREE as a separate page. I don’t know which Section type to use. If I could look at a reference chart that shows what each Section Type looks like, that would help.
thanks, Debora

Section Types don’t “look like” anything. A Section Type is simply a label, telling Scrivener what a document is. “Part,” “Chapter,” “Epigraph,” and so on.

Formatting of your output document is defined when you assign a Section Layout to each Section Type. This allows you to use one Compile Format for the editor who likes 12 point Courier with underlined titles, and another for the editor who likes Times New Roman with bold titles on a separate page, without changing the underlying manuscript.

To see what the Section Layouts for the Compile Format you’ve chosen look like, look at the preview tiles in the center pane of the main Compile screen. For more information, see Section 23.3 in the (Mac) Scrivener manual.