Sections and Subsections

I am in the process of learning Scrivener and working my way through the tutorials. I am trying to understand how to use subsections. I have a non-fiction book that is in its finally stages when I found Scrivener and loaded it into Scrivener. I placed each chapter into a section and each chapter has several subsections.

My wonder is - should I be using subsections? While I want each chapter to be in the Contents, I do not want the subsections there. So, I am trying to figure out if I should be using subsections or keep the entire chapter in a single section without subsections.

How does this work?
Is there a way to have subsections within a section, but not be part of the contents when it is generated?
Or do I scrub the subsections and keep them all part of the single chapter/section?

You decide what to have in the Yable of contents when you compile for output. You can have as many levels of subsections as you want, without getting them in the TOC.

Thank you for your comments. Where are the instructions on how to setup TOC to do that? All I have seen are simple steps, which include every section. Where do I mark to tell it to exclude a section level?

Read the manual abot Compile. It depends on your output format as well.