Sections and Title headings on compile

I’ve searched around the internet for a while, tried a number of things, and can’t get it.

I’d like to have the file names be compiled as chapter names. It doesn’t do this even if i add page breaks to each file. It will only give chapter names to folders. Is there a way around this?

Also I want to have sections (like Part 1: Philosophy). How could I do this? Is there a way to integrate all that into a table of contents? I know the round about way to make a table of contents in scrivener, but not to have hierarchical sections within the table of contents.


What is your output format? The general way to do this is to use the Compile -> Formatting pane, and check the “Title” boxes for each level where you want the title to appear. But e-books in particular tend to have their own ideas about handling section breaks and so forth.

See Chapter 23 of the manual for details about creating the TofC. Again, e-books handle things a little differently.