See a folder in isolation?

I’ve got a fairly lengthy list of nested folders for various chapters and sub-sections. At the moment I need to concentrate on one chapter and, as trivial as it sounds, I’d love to make the other folders “disappear” from the binder list temporarily.

Is it possible to open a folder in a new window, complete with its own binder intact? Or, alternatively, to “hoist” the folder like some outliner apps do, for example Omni Outliner, so that a given folder becomes the top-level temporarily?


Adam Richardson

It isn’t, although hoist is on the list as a possibility for 2.0. I have done some work on it but have yet to see how well it fares in practice.

For now, you can use the outliner to concentrate on just one folder.

All the best,

As Keith suggests, I like to use the Outliner to “hoist”, and when I do so I use the opposable-arrow button in the footer of the Outliner view. This turns on single click loading so that it acts more like the Binder. I leave the Outliner running in a top split and edit content below. It feels much like or the many 3-pane information management software which do not allow master list hoisting, but simulate hoisting via this sub-list on top philosophy.

Perfect, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t realize that’s what the little two-arrow icon did… That makes it go much more smoothly.