See comments for all scrivenings displayed?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, as I’m not sure if this is a bug, a feature yet to be implemented, or a feature that won’t be implemented. Hoping someone can clear that up!

On the Mac version, when you have “Edit Scrivenings” mode turned on, comments from all the displayed scrivenings show up in the Inspector, making it really easy to address issues across your entire manuscript (or whatever portion you’re viewing). In the Windows version, however, only comments from the current document are displayed. This means that to view/address all the comments in your manuscript, you have to manually go through the entire manuscript one document at a time.

Anyway, I keep assuming this is just a feature yet to be implemented, but it’s been a while now and it’s still not there, so I figured it was time to ask. :smiley:

Any info would be appreciated! It’s probably the feature I use the most, and keeps me from getting a windows machine…

This hasn’t been implemented in the Windows version yet, but it will be fixed. The problem is fairly simple: on the Mac we use an editor that puts multiple files’ content into one editor, so scrubbing meta-data like Comments out of it is trivial. On Windows we lacked the necessary coding tools to do that, and had to go with a simpler method of stacking individual editors one atop the other. There are a few other quirks and limitations that result from that, such as not being able to select across file boundaries. These are all, for now, expected behaviours that should be fixed once the next major upgrade comes out.

If you see something the Mac version does that the Windows version does not, we are aware of that, there is no need to post a request. :slight_smile: It’s purely a matter of one being several years older than the other, and so evolving on a different timescale.

Thanks, Amber! I appreciate the reply.