see document notes in outliner

I’m a new user and in a matter of a week have become convinced this is the programme for me. I use the index card for the scene synopsis and the document notes to jot down those little flashes of inspiration that usually mean changes need to be made to the scene. I go back to these for the next draft, rather make the changes immediately. I tend to use a netbook most of the time and so will often swith off the Inspector when using outliner so that I can widen the columns. It would be really useful if I could see both the synopsis and my document notes in outliner view, but don’t see this as an option. Is it possible?

There isn’t a way to view Notes in outliner, but note you can also hide the binder as well. I often alternate between using the inspector and binder when I’m on my small laptop. I find that to be a very effective way to clear up space.

Thanks! You know, that never even occurred to me. doh.