See Inspector/Comments tab in Search or Manual Scrivenings

I like that the Inspector can show all comments for nested sub-documents when viewing the parent document in the binder with Scrivenings. I can’t seem to get this when I manually select separately documents in Binder, or select all search results (also Scrivenings view).

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not supported?


The inspector shows comments only for text documents currently shown in the editor. When you manually select documents in the binder, it will depend what is selected. If you select only folders, then their subdocuments will all be shown, too; if you select folders and individual files, then subdocuments won’t be included (consistent with corkboard and outliner behaviour).

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DocA0 (+ comment 0)
… DocA1 (+ comment 1)
… DocA2 (+ comment 2)
… DocA3 (+ comment 3)

Test 1: Binder-select DocA0, Scrivenings view, editor shows DocA0-3, and inspector shows Comments 0,1,2,3. So far all good.

Test 2: Binder-select DocA1 & Doc A3 (Scrivenings view), editor shows DocA1, DocA3, but inspector does not show any Comment. In fact, the comment tab in the inspector disappears entirely. From your reply it sounds like it should show Comment 1 & Comment 3, and I think it should do that.

I did some more testing: when doing Test 2 above, the Comment tab disappears in the Inspector. But when I click on one of the commented highlights in the editor (still in Scrivenings view), the Comment tab magically appears in the Inspector and correctly shows Comment 1 & Comment 3 (still in the same Scrivenings view). A bug, perhaps?

Not really a bug - when you make a multiple selection in the binder, the comments and snapshots panes do disappear, but as soon as you click into the text area, they will reappear and show exactly what is expected. I’ll take a look when I get chance though.