See Level designation in the Binder

Other then “eyeing” the indent in the Binder, it would be great to be able to know where a folder or text file sits in the nesting. Is that a Level 2 or Level 2+? Could that be revealed in the Binder as rollover, “get info”, or in the Editor window next to the title?

Also, when you are in the Compile window working in the formatting tab, you get this great yellow highlighting of what elements the formatting is being applied at each level when you select it–but you can not see the entire Binder nor scroll up and down in the Binder window behind the Compile window. Often times the text file or folder you are trying to see (what Level is that one?) is not visible and there is no way to navigate to it in the Compile window to see what formatting is going to apply to it.


You can check the depth of the thing you are looking at by checking its Path. To do so, either hover the mouse pointer over the name of the item in the editor header bar, or click on the header bar icon menu and use the Path submenu to see how deep the item is from Draft. Since Draft can be ignored, if there are four elements in that submenu then the item is on Level 3. (Of course if you have selected a sub-folder as the compile group, you’d want to count from that instead of Draft.)

It’s not technically possible to allow you to scroll elements of a window that are currently locked down by an active dialogue box (Compile in this case), so the software does the best it can to guess at what will be a useful scroll position to show an example of the selected level in the Formatting pane.