See prefix numbers of synced files?


I did set up “sync with external folder” with “Prefix file names with numbers” turned on.
Which means all synced files with have a unique numbers.
Can I view these unique numbers “within” Scrivener?

When I synced the whole project, including “trash” that contains “same file name” with a new draft.
Within a Synced folder, two files will display with two different unique numbers. But I cannot identify which one is “in Trash” or not. Can I, if so, how can I identify unique numbers of synced files within Scrivener?

Thank you!

These numbers don’t really exist anywhere in your project, they are generated from scratch every time you sync, and their sole purpose is to keep files in binder order rather than alphabetical order. They will be discarded and regenerated every time you sync.

As for the rest, I’m not following what it is you are trying to do. What do you mean by there being a new draft with the same file name as the trash?

Dear AmberV,

Thank you for your reply! It is great to know that the numbers change every time I sync.

At the moment, I am trying to set up my workflow between Devonthink Pro and scrivener. I love writing with scrivener even when I translate. I wanted to keep each writing in my scrivener synced with Devonthink. I read one forum thread recommended to using sync with external folder and indexing the folder within Devonthink. Basically it works great, but I encountered a problem with two files with the same titles. They are older and new versions of the same content. I dumped the old one, but still keeping it it the Trash.

For example, I have a file titled, “synced” in the Research and another file with the same title, “synced” in Trash. Since I am not emptying my Trash (I am kind of obsessed with keeping all files for my dissertation.), In my synced folder, I see two files of “synced” with just different numbers. So I didn’t know which one was in Trash or Draft.

But now reading your reply, it seems that I can’t identify their differences in the synced folder unless each file has different names. Am I correct?


Ah, okay thank you, I understand much better now. I’m the same way, I’m not fond of emptying the trash in my projects either. My question would be whether or not you need those trashed files in DEVONthink, though. At least for how I use the trash, I wouldn’t particularly care to have those things anywhere but buried in that folder in Scrivener. If that’s the case for you as well, might it be easier to just have DTP index the two other sync subfolders, “Draft” and “Notes”, instead of just adding the one index to the master sync folder, and thus the trashed copies with identical names will not appear in the first place? You can of course group these tool folders in DTP to keep them together and labelled sensibly in relation to the project.

Thank you so much! I will try the way you suggested!