See the last "manual saving" time (and last backup and last snapshot time for all the texts of the project)

Hello Dear Community,

since I restart my mac maybe once a week and never close and reopen scrivener I need to to manual saving (in order to trigger a proper backup and to trigger the screenshots for the texts).

Now I hit manual saving very often through the day, nevertheless Iw ould ike to see when i performed that action for the last time. Do you know of any possibility to find out the last manua saving (and thus the last backup and the last snapshot time) directly within Scrivener without having to go the manual backup folde within the finder? A fast way to find that out would be perfect as I would have more security in this way.

Thank you very much


Documents → Snapshots → Show Snapshots Manager will show you the most recent Snapshots. There’s no way to see backups from within Scrivener.


What I would do is leave a smaller Finder window open and handy, sorted by modification date at the top. That way you can see whenever you create a backup and reference the time without too much hassle.

You can make a Finder window slimmer, for this kind of purpose, by hiding the toolbar for the window. That will also remove the sidebar, so such a window can be made quite small and left in a corner of the screen.

Okay thank you very much. The Finder is an alternative
Do I have to write an E-Mail for request of displaying the last saving times of the manual saving directly within scrivener or should I write them an extra E-Mail for that? Thanks!

No, there’s no need to write an email, I’m the one that would be auditing such a request anyway.

I can say that’s unlikely to be added to the software. It would be very unusual for there to be a display somewhere, indicating when one last saved—particularly in a program that auto-saves constantly. This kind of information is almost always simplified into a simple binary state: is saved vs is not saved.

Okay thank you very much @AmberV !