Seeing diagrams when in Outline mode

Is it possible to make diagrams visible when in Outline mode? If not, can you consider this as a feature request.

I’m using Scrivener to outline and storyboard the flow of idea for videos. Hence, I would like to paste into the Outliner some sketches of each scene.

I realise that diagrams are visible in Scrivenings Subdocuments mode, but in that mode the outliner text is not visible.

I’d like to be able to see the outliner text together with its diagrams.

Have you tried using split screen?

It you go to Windows > Layouts > Three Pane (Outline), you’ll get an outline on the left, and an editor on the right, which shows either (a) the document currently selected in the outline, or (b) the entire Scrivening (scrolled to the selected document) — you can toggle between (a) and (b) by clicking in the right editor and toggling cmd-1 in the usual way.

The Outliner is effectively acting as an interactive table of contents, or a Binder with synopsis, which I think may be what you’re after.

Right hand editor is a single document:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 01.30.59.jpg[/attachment]

Right hand editor is a Scrivening:
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 01.30.12.jpg[/attachment]

Does that help?

Thanks brookter. Although it’s not ideal for my project, I’ll have to make the best of what’s there.

Fair enough, but in what way is it not providing what you want? The method above shows you both outliner text and your diagrams, so you must have something different in mind as to how that would work – could you describe that in more detail so the developers (not me…) can assess the request?

In the method you gave, the diagrams are in the left column, while the writing is in the middle column.

Below is a diagram of what I’d like to achieve in Scrivener, where each text/diagram is one item in the Outliner, so I can play around with the sequence. For instance, the ability to shift “throw rocks at hero” up to the top, so that “hero climbs up a tree” shifts into 2nd position.

In the way my concepts are being formed, each “bullet point” comprises a sentence+diagram. I’m thinking both in terms of text as well as diagram.


One alternative might be to use the Corkboard in image mode. See Section 13.3.1 in the manual for more information.


Thanks Katherine. That should suit my purpose fine. I’m able to drag and drop diagrams into the Synopsis of each corkboard item, and it displays inside the cork.

Ah, I see — I was originally going to suggest using the cork board as well, but you said you wanted to see the outliner and I assumed you actually wanted to see both the synopsis and the picture.

There’s no reason you can’t do both, of course, if you do need to see the synopsis or other data, if you have the right hand editor locked in place to the cork board. You can then drag and drop to change the order (or use cmd-ctl-up/down) in both left and right views.


Either way, I’m glad you’ve got something that works.

In the last few days of experimenting, I feel that the corkboard-diagram is not my ideal destination. The reason is that the corkboard, at any instant, only shows one layer. The corkboard is unlike the Outliner which can show several layers.

I’d much prefer, as per my feature request, of being able to view diagrams in the Outliner mode.

Before you give up on the corkboard, please check out Stacked Corkboards on section 8.2.8 in the manual. I find that I can show as many layers in the corkboard as I like with this feature.

Hope this helps!