seeing snapshot and new document side by side

Good morning
Does anyone know if it is possible to have a split editor and view an edited document next to a snapshot of it, so you can view changes against the original?



If you mean a snapshot which is saved on disk as a separate project snapshot, my suspicion is not; I think you’d have to open that and copy the part you’re working on as another (temporary) scrivening to be able to open it in the alternate split.

I do this sort of thing regularly when editing translations where the Chinese and English are sent to me as a single file. Before I start editing, I duplicate the original file – I do this anyway, as I wish to retain both original versions and my edited versions for various reasons – and then have the original in the right split and the version I’m working on in the left split. I find it useful, if something needs a really complex edit, to be able to look back at the original to ensure that I’m not inadvertently changing the message as I have made such extensive changes.


You can’t open it in a split, no, but you can just use Show Snapshots and view an old snapshot in the Snapshots panel placed next to the newer text.

Thanks, I can work with that.