Seeing the project target

I love the way you can click the little ‘target’ icon under the window you’re working in and invoke a word counter and enter a desired count, which then fills in a blue line as your word count grows towards your target.

But is there any way to have the project target visible in the same way, please?

Open the Project Targets panel…

I just stumbled upon the “Word Frequency” part of the “Text Statistics” (View --> Statistics --> Text Statistics) and wow! Yet another cool, hidden part of Scrivener.

I’m glad I found that, because I have a tendency to overuse certain words (“indeed”, “moreover”, etc) and now I don’t have to use the find panel to see just how overused they are!

The Project Targets panel keeps setting itself back to 0.

Is there any way to have it there all the time, and to have it fill up a line in the way that the individual document target does?

Are you referring to the session target? I cannot think of a reason why the project target would reset to zero as I’m fairly sure it does a live word-count based on the actual content of the project. You’ll note it updates as you type. If you are meaning the session counter—well that is kind of how it is supposed to work. :slight_smile: It is meant to track out much you have written in a session. Closing Scrivener or the project will reset that counter ever time. This is for people that wish to type a certain amount every time they sit down, and it tracks across the entire project, not just the current document.

If you meant the targets themselves are getting reset (the right-hand numbers), that shouldn’t be happening unless you are constantly making new projects.

I’m not sure what the session target is.

I know, so far, of two targets:

  1. The little target gadget on the bottom right of the pane you’re writing in. Click this, set a desired word count, and a blue line fills up until you reach the target number, whereupon the ‘bullseye’ target gadget turns green.

  2. The ‘Draft target’ dialogue, which is invoked through View/Statistics/Show Project Targets. This has two lines: “Draft target” (which currently says: “25,476 of 0 words”, and “Session target”, which says “0 of 0 words”.

I assume that somewhere in the program there is a way of setting your desired “Draft target” (which I assume is the desired length of your project". I’m not sure what the “Session target” is.

But I can’t find any way of setting the draft target. I’ve tried entering a count in the actual dialogue box itself, but it resets itself as soon as I close the dialogue box, or the program. And even if I do type it in there, it has no effect on the line which is presumably supposed to fill up as you near the target.

I’ve tried searching the Tutorial for “target” and for “draft target” and “project target”, but these searches come up empty. I’ve tried searching the Web for “Scrivener” and “project target” or for “Scrivener” and “draft target”, with little success.

I’ve looked in every menu and on every icon I can see without finding a way to set this target.

Okay, item #2 is the dialogue I was referring to as well. To set the project target, just click on the right-hand zero and type in a number. Tap the ENTER key and you should see the progress bar “fill-up” immediately depending on the percentage between your choice and the current word count. The same procedure works on the session target line.

Unless you are trying to hold yourself to writing a certain number of words per day, you needn’t worry about the session counter. That just counts how much you have typed while currently working. Closing Scrivener or the project resets that.

Ah, that’s great! Thanks so much!

Hey, thanks! I know it’s over ten years since your post, but I’ve only recently started to get really used to Scrivener, and that panel is fascinating!