Seeking help on how to bold all the text coming before a colon at once in scrivener

Hello everyone I looking for a way to bold all the text coming before a colon I know how to do that in Microsoft word. So how do I do that in Scrivner?

in Word, I just use wold cards but when I use it here in Scrivner I can’t follow all the steps I normally do.

Project Replace Regex (\w+): for bold $1.

Thank you but it just removed the colon rather than making everything before it bold

The RegEx I gave selects one word before the colon.
If you want to select ‘all the text coming before a colon’, use: ^.+:

If replacing for bold text doesn’t work, you can at least find all text before the colon and press the Bold icon [ B ] on the toolbar or Ctrl + B on your keyboard. :slight_smile:

When I do that it deletes everything before the colon

I go to find and in put what you said


If I click next it highlights one line not everything.

So next I tried doing it again but this time in putting $1 in replace but when I do that and hit replace it deletes all the text before the colon

This is basically want I 'm trying to do

Public ID: Bradley Bennett
Alias: Rebellious
Role in Story: Antagonist
Occupation: Mob Boss Criminal Master Mind
Religion: Catholic (Saint Olga of Keeve)

Exepct I’ve don’t wanna have to spend forever doing this to over 200+ lines in every character profile

That’s expected as $1 is an empty variabele in the last case.

So, ‘all text’ is more than one line of Text?

RegEx seems OK. In HTML this would work. But Scrivener used Rich Text Format…

The problem here is that Scrivener doesn’t have the facility to replace formats (you can search for them, but not replace them.

But, if you know how to do this in Word, wouldn’t it be easier just to export (not compile) the Documents out as RTF files, do the conversion in Word and then reimport them?

(I’d started to write out a process of converting to Markdown bold, compiling to Word, then reimporting and splitting the resulting (long) document, but then realised that you might as well cut out the middle-man…:grinning:)

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I started doing this now but i’s now brought up another problem

Once I copy the text over I can no longer change the text font from the default I set up for my writing.

The only way I can change it I have to highlight then right-click, go to font then show fonts then change a bunch of stuff there to just change the font on some text.

I’m on windows 10

You should be able to highlight the documents in the Scrivener Binder and choose Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting — that’s the standard method for updating any document to the default format.

Does that not work?