Seeking some sensible advice ...

Hi there. This week I bought a new computer and moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I did this intentionally to coincide with the start of a new book.

I’m super excited about Scrivener 3 for Windows in the works, and while I’m not technically savvy, I am game!

So … should I take up the sword of Beta 3 to slay the imminent blank page, or slip on my comfy Scrivener 1 slippers and poke it with my pipe?

Any wise words would be gratefully appreciated. :slight_smile:

For planning and writing, I think Scrivener 3’s beta is advanced enough to be safe and functional. For compiling your book for distributing to others though, there are still missing / broken features.

According to the developer, version 3 will be complete by the end of August (knock wood), although what happens if he can’t actually meet that deadline with a reasonably bug-free, feature-complete program?

So, it really depends on how soon you’ll need to compile your work, or if you’ll need to consult the version 3 manual (not yet available) while learning the new or modified features of Scrivener 3.

The interactive tutorial set for v 3 and is pretty good and well developed to learn the differences. Also, since it is 99% the same as the Mac V3, you can use that manual. Also, there are these forums.

I agree with Rdale, that 3 is better. If I were you I’d go with 3. I do all my work in 3 now and can’t imagine going back. Since you are just starting the book, the Aug 31 theoretical completion date will probably come before you are ready to compile your book. Even if it doesn’t make it, does not mean that the compile won’t do what you want. In an absolute worst case scenario, you might need to compile to some format which can then be used to sell / create your book.

I compile to a few formats in 3 and it is fine for my needs.

Thanks to both for your replies. You’ve been very helpful.

Having slugs for fingers, I’ve no concerns about the developers hitting or missing their deadline - either way, I’m confident they’ll finish way before I do! That’s assuming, of course, that projects started in Beta can be continued in the release version…

The compile issue doesn’t bother me. I can work around that.

What matters to me is that you both think it’s superior and workable. My techy-lacking brain couldn’t cope with constant crashes etc.

Thanks again for your help. I think I’m good to give it a bash! Cheers. :smiley:

You can absolutely continue using projects created in v3 when it’s released. The format is already compatible with both the Mac v3 and the iOS versions of Scrivener, so there’s nothing incompatible about the Beta’s file format. Early releases had some bugs with regard to how that format was implemented, causing some minor issues with meta-data (keywords, status, etc…) if I recall correctly, but they ironed those out last year.

One feature I find immensely useful is the bookmarks feature, which lets you link to other documents in the binder, as well as live links to web pages (not just web archives), and files external to your project, but for those text documents in your project–it provides an editor right there in the inspector. It’s also nice in that if you have documents that are closely related–such as character background documents and the chapter(s) those characters are featured in–you can add these “bookmarks” to that chapter, and easily reference & update each character background doc from the inspector without losing your place in the binder.