Seeking suggestions on how <$toc> will generate a ToC not at the start of an e-book

I’d like a Toc after my front matter in my e-book. I’d like it generated and not hand crafted after Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as Structured Link List. Indenting is wished for and the Automatic Numbering before the titles should show.

I’ve used these settings:
The document is an empty document with the title "Contents ".

It’s in the Contents of the compilation.


It has a Content Type and a Content Layout with the Content Types “Title” and “Text” ticked. I’ve Assigned the Contents Section Layout to the Contents Section Type.

There’s a Page Break in the Separator’s tab for the Contents Section Layout.

The Toc title is to be “Contents”.

and the Result is: Figure 6.

The Placeholders PDF states this use of the <$toc> Placeholder:

:white_check_mark: Used when compiling ebook formats only.
:white_check_mark: If the <$toc> placeholder appears in an otherwise blank document when compiling to an ebook format and
:white_check_mark: if that document’s title matches the title assigned to the table of contents (in the Compile options)
:white_check_mark: (Tip: Set up your Compile options so that there is a page break before this document and the document’s formatting is not overridden.)
:x: then this document will be replaced with an automatically generated table of contents.

This allows the user to determine where the automatically-generated table of contents should be placed in cases where it is not wanted at the very start of the ebook.

I’d appreciate any advise on why this doesn’t work…


A suggestion but I can’t test. I’m not on a Windows machine.

For Contents Layout, try adding an ‘after’ break (click the “Override separator after” square box to make the selection menu available):


Thanks for the suggestion.
Still a heading and <$toc> on a otherwise blank document at the front of the document.

I was wondering if I was ‘overwriting the document’s formatting’. So I deleted a Style named Contents and the Section Layout named Contents, but to no avail. (See Figure 6)

I do get a nice, indented and numbered ToC when I Exclude the document Contents with the <$toc> Placeholder from Compiling, because the default ‘Generate HTML Table of Contents’ kicks in again. The document is placed at the very beginning of the e-book. Which is not what I’m striving for…

I guess, I can copy the generated HTML ToC to the Contents page with Calibre. I’d rather have that Scrivener did what the Placehodler <$toc> promises…

The only other thing that comes quickly to mind, you’ve probably already checked.

Make sure (Show Invisibles) there’s no other entries other than <$toc> in the Contents document. Even one space will corrupt the result.

Remember, if need be, you can always contact L&L directly for support.