Segmentation fault on file save/open

Just downloaded the Scrivener linux version and I’ve hit a weird error. Program started up fine, and I could create a new project, but I cannot use “Save As” or “Open” without the program segfaulting. I’m assuming I’m missing a dependency that is present in Ubuntu but not on my Gentoo install (running KDE, not Gnome). Any idea what it could be?

There’s some strangeness with system libraries and the current version of scrivener. Are you using LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

It’s null in my terminal session, but the script in /usr/bin that calls scrivener sets it with:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/LiteratureAndLatte/lib: /usr/share/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener

I checked, and the libraries are in the directory. I also just emerged Gnome, so that’s not it.

A little more digging with LD_DEBUG=files produced this description of the error causing the Segfault:

/usr/lib/kde4/ error: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: kde_plugin_version (fatal)

A problem with my KDE version then?

Which version are you using? I haven’t had that specific problem, and I’m using KDE. What plugins/widgets are you using?

Kde-4.7.4, plasma desktop. No widgets other than folder view, and no plugins other than what gentoo pulled in by default. kfilemodule seems like a pretty fundamental library, and this is the only error I’ve ever seen from it.

LIB_DEBUG=all gives:

23212: symbol=_ZNK9KDirModel12itemForIndexERK11QModelIndex; lookup in file=/usr/lib/kde4/ [0] 23212: symbol=_ZNK9KDirModel12itemForIndexERK11QModelIndex; lookup in file=/usr/lib/ [0] 23212: symbol=_ZNK9KDirModel12itemForIndexERK11QModelIndex; lookup in file=/usr/lib/ [0] 23212: binding file /usr/lib/ [0] to /usr/lib/ [0]: normal symbol `_ZNK9KDirModel12itemForIndexERK11QModelIndex' Segmentation fault

Which doesn’t seem much more helpful, other than identifying the specific call.

Found a work around from a similar bug report by setting $QT_PLUGIN_PATH="". Added that to the script in /usr/bin and it worked like a charm. This should probably be added to the distributed tar ball, unless there’s some reason for not doing so that I haven’t encountered yet.

Thanks for the tip about $QT_PLUGIN_PATH="" in the script.

I bought Scrivener for Windows, but spend most of my time in Linux and have been hesitant to really start using Scrivener when I couldn’t get it working in Linux. (Running Kubuntu 11.10.)

I updated my script, and it seems to be working now.

I’m on KDE 4.8, Kubuntu 11.10 and have the same issue. I’ll try this when I get a chance and let you all know.

I’m having the same problem and suspect that $QT_PLUGIN_PATH="" will correct the problem. However, it’s been many years since I last used Linux (currently running Kubuntu 11.10 on a MBP) and I didn’t see which script I should put the path file in. I tried the Scrivener file but that didn’t work. Where does the path have to go?