Select a group of files (or index cards) and move them

I’m looking for a way to select a group of files and move them around either in the binder or as index cards. I suppose I could create a new folder and then move them to the folder, then move the folder to where I want the files to go, but then I’d have a folder I don’t want. Any more elegant way to batch move?

If they are all together, then the easiest thing to do would be to tap the Edit button at the top of the binder list, select the files you want to move, and then tap the arrow button in the footer bar to move them around one step at a time.

If the idea is to move them all to a different folder, then the button with an arrow pointing into a folder would work. That also has an option to move them into a new folder at the very top of the selection screen. The result will be to place a new folder in the outline where these files where, and then you can move that around using the same tools.

Then from what I can gather, it is not possible to grab a selection of files either in the binder or on the corkboard and drag or move them enmasse (reorder them) within the SAME folder. It would have to be accomplished one file at a time.
Is that right or am I missing something?

I might not be following what it is you are trying to do. You are trying to move the files to the same place where they already are? You can do that, by selecting them all and using the “Move to Folder” button, and then selecting the folder they are already in. That would have the effect of moving them all together at the end of the list—thus if the files were originally the first, third and fifteenth in a folder of twenty items, the result of moving them to that same folder would be to position them as the 18th, 19th and 20th items in the folder.

It’s worth noting that once they are all together like that, you can use the arrow key buttons to more easily move them up and down within the folder as a block.

If that’s not what you mean, maybe a before and after screenshot would help.

Aha, That’s what I needed to know. Thanks so much Amber.