Select All text in Scrivenings mode across multiple files

Ctrl+A for “Select All” appears to work if I’m looking at a single text file. When I put multiple chunks of text into scrivenings mode and hit Ctrl+A, text is selected in the one text file where my cursor happens to be. I can’t get it to select everything.

I’ve seen MS Excel behave somewhat like this, where the first Ctrl+A selects the immediate area and a second Ctrl+A expands that selection to the full document. That doesn’t work here.

Is there a way to quickly select all text across multiple files in scrivenings mode? I’ve been needing this for re-formatting purposes.


It’s not currently possible to select text across Scrivenings due to the way this feature is implemented, but after 1.0 comes out Lee will be digging into the code to rework this. Meanwhile, you may find that the Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style does what you need–that will adjust the formatting for the selected document or documents to bring it into line with the formatting you’ve set in the Editor tab of Tools>Options… Just select in the binder all the documents whose formatting you want to convert and then (with the focus still in the binder) choose that command. You’ll get a few options to refine what exactly changes, so if for instance you only want to modify the font or you want to not alter any special tabs and indents, you’ll be able to tick off the appropriate boxes before you complete the conversion.

Thank you. I gave the “Converts Formatting to Default” a try and it accomplished what I needed. I would still like to see the Cntl+A function expanded one day for more specific editing (like only moving the indent sizing), but that definitely drops to the non-critical list now.

Thanks for your help!