"Select all" text?

I did some basic searching and couldn’t find this - sorry if it’s a repeat:

As I suspect many are, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. One of the things I’m doing to try to keep myself on track is dropping the entire text of my “novel” into the NNWM work counter to keep myself honest (I know Scrivener has its own word count, but I want to use the one on the website).

Is there a way to be in Scrivenings mode and select all the text from all the documents? I want to just copy all the novel text no matter what docs or how many layers deep they are.

The only option I’ve found is to compile, after setting a bunch of options, exporting to a text file, then opening the text file and copying all the text from there. Somewhat convoluted! I have to think I’m missing a basic step, but if I click on any text in the Scrivenings window and do “select all” it only selects the text in that one individual document. I can’t figure out how to select all the text from all the docs.


You could probably streamline how you use compile a bit. For one thing, note you can save your compile settings to a preset so you don’t have to keep changing checkboxes every time you use the tool for something else. Saved presets will end up in the Format As drop-down. Next, try using the “Preview” method from the Compile For drop-down. Instead of writing to a file, opening the file and selecting and copying from there, you can just do that in this one window.

Thanks, that helps a lot!