Select All when in Text View

Beneath Draft, I’ve created a Folder called Act III. Beneath Act III, I’ve got a couple of chapters. In one of the chapters, I’ve loaded a few scenes.

When I select the Chapter and hit Text View, it shows me the text of all the scenes in that Chapter. Love it. That’s great.


When I hit Ctrl-A to select all, it only selects the text from 1 scene. I’d personally prefer that to select all text that’s being displayed.


This is currently a limitation in the Windows version that doesn’t exist in the Mac version and Lee is aware of it… Hopefully this will be fixed for the release version, but I’ll wait to hear what Lee has to say about this one.


If there is no way to provide this; might have to fall back to a menu command “Copy all text to clipboard” or something, that does the selection and copy command silently and without actually selecting it. Copying is pretty much all you’ll be able to do anyway, as global formatting edits across files is something for 2.0.