select by label

hello :slight_smile: I would like to create a collection containing all the scenes for each character POV. I don’t want to do it manually.
I thought I would select all those scenes by POV first(this is the name of my label), and then create a collection from the selection.
However, it seems that my scrivener doesn’t give me any results at all when I try to select by POV , or by keyword, other selections seem to work. I use version (6 Oct 2015).
Is this a bug? is there a way to automatically create such collections?
thank you for any help,

I use Label as POV too, and do exactly the same things as you do all the time without any problems. Did you make sure that in the search dropdown, section Options, you have selected the right places to search? E.g. if you have ticked Binder selection only and have not selected any scenes, then search will come up empty. To be sure that search looks everywhere try Search ‘Included Documents’ as well as Search ‘Excluded Documents’ as the only selections.

Further in the section Search in make sure to have POV ticked and in the section Operator try “Any Word” you can then also search for multiple POVS, e.g. Peter3PP and Mary1PP to find all scenes which are either in Peter’s 3rd Person Personal or Mary’s 1st Person Personal POV.


With this setup:

I get these results out of a search: