Select by Style

This is more of a Cocoa text tip, but it works in Scrivener too. If you want to select by style, say all of the bold text in a document, show the ruler (Cmd-R), and in the Styles drop-down, choose Other…. This will give you a style browser with all of the styles in the current document. You can browse through them by using the arrow keys beneath the example window. Find the one you wish to select by, and click the Select button. A sheet will come up asking by what criteria you wish to select. If you just press the Select button again, the default behaviour will choose all the text that matches the style you picked. Once it is selected, you can apply whatever font, ruler, or style mechanisms you wish.

Very cool tip, thanks!!

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That is a spectacular find, Amber!

This should definitely go into the official Scrivener documentation: it’s a tremendously powerful formatting tool.


thanks for this tip.

speaking of styles, does anyone know how to sync styles between two machines?

Unfortunately, styles are located in a preference file which is also used for many things which possibly would cause very strange issues if it were copied to another computer. It is in a hidden file in ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist. I actually do not know if there is anything buggy involved with moving that file between computers. I’ve just made the assumption that since Apple decided to hide the file, they probably do not want people messing with it.

What I do is make an RTF file and type out the name of each style, plus “F/R” appended to the end depending on whether it is a Ruler or Font (or both) style; then apply it to the respective paragraph. All of your settings will be conveyed just fine to the target computer. Just place the cursor in the paragraph and make a new style out of it, using the typed name as a reference.

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Thanks, AmberV

I figured something along those lines would be the best way. I was doing something on a lesser, more disorganized scale. Your description helps a lot. I guess I shouldn’t be so lazy.

I was hoping for something I could just sync.

Thanks again.

Just an update on this thread. Some information has been posted regarding the synchronisation of styles between machines in this thread. Disclaimer: It requires knowledge of how to use the command line interface.