Select documents without subdocs for Scrivenings

I’m sure I used to do this all the time…select just the document or a document and specific subdocuments for Scrivenings sessions by hitting command click for each individual one. I keep getting unwanted subdocuments. Am I imagining things (as usual). Thanks! David

If the selection includes anything other than a folder, then it treats the selection as a literal list of what you’ve specifically clicked on. If there are no regular files you wish to actually include in the selection then you can just make an empty dummy file at the bottom of the Draft or something and make sure to Cmd-click on that as well to force a literal list of folders.

Thanks Amber. That’s a good way to do it. Actually, I just figured out the problem with the way I was trying to do it yesterday (might be helpful to others). Lately, for certain projects, I started putting all the files for certain projects under Research because I had an pdf or jpg that I wanted right next to my draft text (call me lazy…) The functionality for command click under Research is different than under Draft in terms of Scrivenings. Had never noticed before.