Select font style not working

Hi, I started using Scrivener for scientific writing and if the annoying bugs will be removed, I think I will enjoy using it in the future.

One thing that should be relatively easy to fix: I can select a standard font for the editor in the settings, which I set to Droid Sans and the style ExtraLight. This style is only available in the F4 font settings in the editor. When I start a new text with this standard font, and change between texts, suddenly the font style is reset to standard.

Same thing here. There are no font styles to choose from. And even if all text is selected (after, say, an import from a website), I can’t set character or paragraph formatting (I’m on Ubuntu 12.04). If the text started as blue and underlined, that’s how it stays. The only way around it is to use another word-processing program to set the formatting, and then copy it into Scrivener.

Nice of the folks there to let us test drive it for free, though. I have it on my Mac and think it’s awesome. Worlds better than Word or OpenOffice (gag; more problems than a teen meth addict) for creating a long document.

I have the same problem. I set my default font to Droid Sans, but every time I start a new project or even a new text within the same project, it’s set to Courier New.