"Select inside" a folder

Commonly I’d like to get the word count for a selection of documents, which might be deeply nested in folders. Usually I’ll either use Project > Statistics, or right-click the documents from the corkboard interface.

What makes this difficult is that selecting a chapter in the binder doesn’t also select its contents. This makes sense to me as the default behavior, but for times where I do want to select a folder’s children, I’d like a context menu item like “Select children” or “Select inside”. It would also be handy to have the Words/Chars count in the binder’s context menu.

Thanks for your time!

Here are two ways you can get the word count you want using existing resources.

  1. Use Scrivenings Mode. In that mode, clicking on a folder will put into the editor pane all of the body text within that folder – however deeply nested its contents. The editor pane’s regular word count display will thus show the total word count for that folder.

  2. In the Outline view, you can enable a Total Word Count column. Folders in the outline view will then show a word count which is the sum of the word counts of the docs it contains.

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I believe we already have you sorted on that count! Try the Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select with Subdocuments menu command.

It’s not in the context menu, but if we put everything in there everyone wanted it would look exactly like the main menu anyway. :slight_smile:

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Oh, lovely. I didn’t realize that item had a submenu. And there’s a keybinding and everything.

Thank you!