select recently opened projects from taskbar

I work with a lot of different Scrivener projects most of the time. Usually, when I start up Scrivener and I want to open a certain project, it opens the last project I used, where I then have to manually switch to the one I want, either through Scrivener itself or by locating the .scrivx file on my Desktop.

Usually, when you right click on the icons in the taskbar, there are a lot of useful listings, such as recently used files. It would be really handy if Scrivener would remember what projects I recently opened (like it does at File->Recent Projects) and list them when I right click on its icon on the taskbar, similair to many other Windows programs, like the Editor. I made a small mockup screenshot of how it could look like:

I noticed there was an update recently, was this perhaps included? Just asking so I know whether I need to download the update or not.

I don’t think anything along those lines was changed, but you can always reference the full change log, for questions about what an update includes.

It is more likely that if there will be changes to how this works, it will be in the 3.0 beta at this point.

I couldn’t find it in the change log either, I was just secretly hoping it might’ve been added and they simply forgot to mention it in the change log… a man can dream. Until then, I’ll just have to deal with it by creating my own shortcuts on my desktop. It’s annoying, but better than nothing.