Select sentence

I’m surprised at how little I miss some of the features I’ve liked in Word – Autocorrect is great when I’m writing really fast and tend to capitalize the first two letters of a word every other sentence or so – but some of them just aren’t needed when I’m doing more contemplative work with Scrivener.

The one thing I do miss, however, is the ability to select an entire sentence when you doubleclick on a word in that sentence while holding down the command key. I move sentences around a lot, and dragging cursor over the whole thing every time, while not a major inconvenience, can be, well, a drag. I would only ask for it if it’s not too much trouble, though.

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Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system, so I have no control over this, I’m afraid. It works exactly the same as TextEdit and others. Perhaps one of the forum’s text gurus could give you advice on how this is done with the standard text engine…


Yeah, sentence selection is one of those annoying things in the Cocoa system. There is no good way to do it that I know of. The relatively extensive keyboard shortcut hooks do not address it, so there is no internal command that can be attached to a key press combination, and as far as I know the mouse clicking routines are a black box to both developer and user alike.

Since writing is so much sentence driven. However, I also find myself re-thinking my sentences as I’m highlighting word-by-word (which is great!) and so I’ve decided it’s a feature, not a bug.