Select text jumps in Scrivening mode

I am trying to select text in Scrivening mode but the highlighted area seems to move uncontrollably. When I try to select text in a document it behaves normally. Any ideas?

Also when I use Word Web the word that I select is misspelled in the Word Web window.


Hello Rook,
I suspect you have typewriter mode on when in scrivenings view and trying to select. This will always attempt to put the cursor mid-screen and cause your text to jump. Turn typewriter off before editing. Good luck with your writing.

Yes, this is a bug with typewriter scrolling and Scrivenings mode specifically, as the text shouldn’t shift just from a mouse click but only if you begin typing. You can toggle typewriter scrolling per editor by clicking into the editor and then selecting Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling or using the shortcut Ctrl+G, Ctrl+T.