Selected chapters in Scrivenings mode marked by a line


There are two things that would be great to see included. I really like the idea that I can select different chapters in the binder and they appear as Scrivenings - one joined document. It’d be really good though if each section (or different selected topics/chapters) was marked with a line in the scroll bar (similar to a word search in a web browser or in a PDF document), so you could find each section quickly and easily instead of having to scroll through, keeping an eye out for the next heading. This would make writing continuous scenes that have been broken up, much easier to navigate.

The other idea is a bit silly both hey, worth mentioning. When you double click on a word, it highlights the entire word, just like in Microsoft WORD. But if you have quotation marks, double clicking on a word also selects the quotation mark, unlike WORD, which only selects the word and doesn’t include the quotation mark.

Cheers. :slight_smile: