Selected Text Can Disappear in Custom Meta Data Field

  1. Define a custom meta-data field
  2. Select a document, and type some text into the custom meta-data field in the Inspector
  3. Use the mouse to select one or more characters in the edit box for the meta data.
  4. Without releasing the mouse button, move the cursor below the edit box

Result: All text in the edit box will disappear. Sometimes it reappears when you release the mouse button, other times you have to click in the box to make it reappear.

A bit obscure, yes, but it happened to me when I intended to copy meta-data and paste it in for other documents.

I am unclear on the fourth instruction, should I be pressing the tab key to move the cursor out of the edit box? What is “below” in your case, another meta-data field?

I do get a situation where if I select text and drag the mouse down, it goes beyond a line where it should when the text field is wrapped, it acts like there is an empty line below the text, but there is not. Is that similar to what you are seeing?

Yes, that explains what’s going on. Put in “test” as the only text in the meta-data field. The edit box should be only one line. When you click and drag as you describe, the text on that line will disappear. S is doing what you describe, but since the edit box is only one line, it appears to the user as if the text has disappeared.

Okay, thanks! I’ve forwarded the details of the problem on.