Selected text font color not indicated

If you select some text and right click on the color picker, there’s no indicator on the palette that’s brought up indicating the color of the selected text.

In Word there’s a little red box around the color of either the currently selected text or the text the cursor is currently in if none is selected.

That’s true – hadn’t noticed it before.

But there are two ways of knowing which colour is selected: a ‘quick’ look – the underline of the A in the icon is always in the selected colour, though it’s not clear enough to show the exact colour chosen (which precise shade of red?); and a more precise one – if you select ‘Show Colours’ from the drop down, then the exact colour has a box highlight.


I don’t see any highlight. All it shows is the active color and the HSV/RGB/Hex values for that color. But I’m talking about the color of the text. So if you have red and blue text, in Word, the box will change depending on where you’ve put the cursor.

Right – I see what you mean. It reflects the colour that you’ve chosen for the next text (or rather of the colour which will be toggled with the default), it seems, not of the cursor position. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Checking, it doesn’t appear to do that on the Mac, either.