selecting a base font

Today I created 3 new simple templates from the blank template in an attempt to change the basic font Scrivener is using. It doesn’t work. I’ve been frustrated for weeks with having to back and select text, right click then change font.

I love the organizational aspects of this program but the details are just plain “expensive” (in terms of my time). :cry:

So the question is how do I select a font as the base font for all my work? project after project… Where is this in the manual?

If you wish to change the default font for all projects (and indeed, this logic generally holds true for all global decisions) then you want to visit the application Preferences, and head over to the Formatting tab within them, where you will find a little mock editor you can use to set up the program defaults (or select some text that is already set up in a project and just click the handy button to bring the formatting into this pane). This will impact all projects immediately, for all new documents (obviously, it won’t blow away existing formatting, but you’ll find some tips for updating existing documents in this knowledge base article).