Selecting all content in the compile function

I am using version and can’t seem to select all content in the compile function. The note within states “Alt click to select or deselect all.” Not sure what this means.

If you hold the ALT key on your keyboard while clicking in the window with your mouse, all checkboxes will be checked (or unchecked if they’re currently checked).

Jen, that instruction I understand. I am trying to select all components of the Contents in the compile function. It appears I can only select one versus all. How can I select all components. Please clarify. Thanks!

You should be able to select all items in the Manuscript/Draft folder to be compiled by checking them in the Compiler. Are you seeing items in the Compiler and can’t click the checkbox to select them or just not seeing some of your documents in the Compiler window at all? If it’s the latter, you’ll want to a) check to make sure they’re nestled in the Draft folder and b) check to make sure you have Draft selected in the Compiler window and not search results or a specific folder.

I have attached a picture. There is more content besides the title page I wish to select to compile.

Do you have an email? I can attach a picture to an email.


I do not see that there is a “draft” folder in the version of Scrivener. I am able to PDF one portion but not all of my document in one compilation.

Jen, I have reviewed a couple of Youtube videos displaying a different “screen configuration” than that in the version I own. I have updated Scrivener but the update does not match what I see on Youtube. Is there a way to address this issue?

I am using the Non-fiction format.

You can write into Windows support at

Scrivener 3 is the current version, so you’re likely seeing videos that are showing Scrivener 3. Scrivener 3 is a major upgrade that requires a new license and installation—you can’t update Scrivener 1 to Scrivener 3. You can read more about upgrading here.