Selecting all text in manuscript

I’d like to make some global changes, but can’t seem to be able to select all text in my manuscript, only one document at a time.

I have a hotkey card for Scrivener which says that Ctrl A will select all text in doc, and Alt A will select all text on project, but:
Crtl A works for doc, but not Alt A for whole project.
I have tried selecting all folders etc, but this just made my PC crash.

I’d like to be able to convert all quotes and apostrophes across the entire project to smart quotes, not document by document.

There are some other things I’d like to do too, once I can select the entire project. :wink:
Thanks for your help.
(Have looked online and in manual, no luck so far!)

Does Windows Scrivener have a scrivenings mode?

If it does, load your manuscript in that mode and you will have access to all of the documents at the same time.

In Scrivenings mode, I can only select text in one document at a time. It stops me at the break between documents.
This occurs with Crtl A, and with clicking and dragging via mouse selection.

Any more suggestions? Solutions?

Ah, not the same as on a Mac then.

Hope a Windows user will be able to offer a solution for you.

Can a moderator answer this?

I wouldn’t have much to add to the conversation, except to say that the way Scrivenings works right now is a placeholder for how it will work once we get it revamped with the new programming toolkit. That’s a ways off still to be clear, we had to use this method for now to just get the feature working. It wasn’t really possible to combine many files into one single editor with what we’re currently using to program with.

So, it seems it isn’t possible to select an entire manuscript at one time in Windows.

This thread has a suggestion (though perhaps not very practical in your case):

Is there a project search and replace in Windows? Or an option to convert quotes between the different formats, as there is in OS X? Or can the quotes be converted during compile?

Thanks Briar Kit,

There is a project replace and I shall use that for some of my tasks.

There is also a convert quotes to smart quotes option, but that has to be run on each document. (50 chapters = same command 50 times! Tedious)

When I compile with the option “show all quotes as smart quotes” some of them don’t seem to turn up as smart quotes… while most do. This is a key issue that should be addressed. Some apostrophes stay as straight apostrophes and others are converted.

Thanks for your help.
I was also sure that I could select all documents in a previous version. And this is also mentioned as an option in Scrivener for Dummies site.

Thanks again.

I feel your tedium. Major pain. :cry:

Full parity can’t come soon enough.

Thanks, Amber,

So I take this to mean that we can’t “select all” in a project to covert all quotes (for example)?
And that we’re hoping to have this feature in the future.

Thanks for your help.